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Another great reason to have our CU-Online service... e-Lerts!

The saying "knowledge is power". Knowing when your checking, savings or credit card balance changes, when a loan is due, or when an advance on an Overdraft Loan occurs gives you the power to manage and protect your finances in real time. Sign up for e-Lerts text messages, or e-mails, or both concerning your account activities as they occur.

You need to be set up for CU-Online to get the e-Lerts. Getting e-Lerts is quick and easy. First you must have a CU-Online account. Go to, click on the personal tab, scroll down and click On-Line Banking and follow the sign up now prompt at the bottom of the page.

Once enrolled into CU-Online sign in to your account, go to access accounts and click e-mail notification, click e-Lerts options , select add e-Lerts and choose the e-lerts you want to set up for your accounts.

Here is a snapshot of the e-Lerts you can choose from:

Knowledge is powerful and having e-lerts on your account is a powerful money management and protection tool... you deserve!