Sidney Federal Credit Union

Alert! There is a scam circulating via text message from 206-557-8725. The message states
"Credit Union Account Alert: Your Visa card has been temporarily DEACTIVATED. Please call 570-985-5225 (or 607-270-0150) to reactivate your card".
If you responded to this text please stop into a branch or contact the sfcu member service center @ 1-877-642-7328.

Whats New

Taxman Is Just Around The Corner

The taxman cometh and April 15 will be here before you know it. These long winter nights are a great opportunity to get a head start. Begin by getting your paperwork organized. Some people use envelopes, others an expanding pocket folder. Use whatever organizing tools that works for you. As your W-2s, 1099s or other forms arrive, place them in your labeled envelope or folder. Same thing with the receipts for your deductible expenses that you've stashed in various places around the house. As you read tax tips, print off or clip-out the articles and place them with your other documents so that you can easily refer to them. Use last year's tax return as a guide to help you remember all of your deductions. Consider contributing to your Individual Retirement Account if you meet the requirements. Visit for details and while you are there, find information on Free File, a software tax preparation package for those who earn less than $57,000 as well as Fillable Forms, available to everyone regardless of income.

IRAs: Help Secure Your Future

Even if you are covered by a retirement plan at work, contributing to an Individual Retirement Account is a smart way to save for your future. An IRA is a tax-advantaged way to save. Your filing status, adjusted gross income and other factors will determine your eligibility for a deduction or for a Saver's Credit. Check out Publication 590 from the IRS, available at and see your tax advisor for complete details. You have until April 15, 2014 to make a contribution for the 2013 tax year, but the sooner you make your contribution, the better. Once you retire, having IRAs to draw on may make the difference between barely getting by on your income and having the resources to do the things that remain on your bucket list. sfcu offers IRAs and choosing payroll deduction will help make securing your future even easier.