Sidney Federal Credit Union

Alert! There is a scam circulating via text message from 206-557-8725. The message states
"Credit Union Account Alert: Your Visa card has been temporarily DEACTIVATED. Please call 570-985-5225 (or 607-270-0150) to reactivate your card".
If you responded to this text please stop into a branch or contact the sfcu member service center @ 1-877-642-7328.

Gift Cards

A gift card is the ideal gift. Portable, flexible. More convenient than a gift certificate. Safer than cash.

We even offer four designs to keep your gift seasonal.

You can get them two ways.

  1. Visit any SFCU branch.
  2. Click here.
  • Balloons Gift Card
  • Event Gift Card
  • Elegant Gift Cards
  • Present Gift Card

Here are some details:

  • Where can gift cards be used?
    Gift Cards can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.
  • Are Gift Cards the same as credit cards?
    No. Gift Cards are prepaid Visa® cards. Each time you use the card, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.
  • Can Gift Cards be reloaded?
    No, but you can always buy more Gift Cards - for yourself or for someone special.
  • Can a merchant give cash back on a Gift Card?
    Merchants can deduct purchases from Gift Card accounts, but they cannot offer cash back.
  • Do Gift Cards have an expiration date?
    Gift Cards expire when the remaining balance reaches $0. After the expiration date printed on the front of the card, the cardholder can obtain any funds remaining on the card by calling 1-866-244-5360.
  • Are there monthly service fees?
    A small monthly service fee is waived for the first six months, and then is deducted from the card balance on the first of the month after that until the balance is $0 or the card expires, except where prohibited by law. For more information call 1-866-244-5360.