Sidney Federal Credit Union

Alert! There is a scam circulating via text message from 206-557-8725. The message states
"Credit Union Account Alert: Your Visa card has been temporarily DEACTIVATED. Please call 570-985-5225 (or 607-270-0150) to reactivate your card".
If you responded to this text please stop into a branch or contact the sfcu member service center @ 1-877-642-7328.

ID Theft

Sidney Federal Credit Union has teamed up with Digital Defense, Inc. to provide the Security Training, Education and Awareness Module (Security TEAM) service. Developed with the help of concerned industry leaders, this training will provide you with the knowledge needed to avoid the latest security threats. To enter the training module, click on the Digital Defense image.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

The news is full of horror stories about identity theft and the cost and frustration it causes. At SFCU, we do everything possible to protect you from identity theft, and to help you protect yourself. Our online financial transactions are conducted using the most up-to-date, secure website technology to protect our members' confidentiality and information.

SFCU does not request confidential information by e-mail. If you ever received an e-mail message asking for personal information, please do not respond in any way. CU-Online uses secure website technology, indicated by a Lock or Key icon in your browser.

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